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Bespoke Professional Support 

MSTSA has a number of partners with an extensive record of delivering support to a significant range of schools. This has included mentoring newly appointed Headteachers, Secondment, developing Senior and Middle Leadership Teams, whole school self validation of judgments, the effective use of SEND pupil assessment data to inform planning and outcomes,
and supporting the development of additionally resourced SEN provision across from EYFS through to post 16.

Each project is based around a thorough needs analysis completed in conjunction with the leadership of the respective school and on that foundation, a bespoke package specific to needs is delivered. This includes measurable outcomes assessed in the context of strict quality assurance measures.

We have a range of National Leaders for Education (NLEs) and Senior Leaders of Education (SLEs) and a key partner in this process is Learn and Lead who are a collaboration of the Teaching Schools and 9 Local Authorities in Cheshire and Merseyside. They will act as potential brokers for support within schools known to them and also assist in applying consistent quality assurance to delivery and outcome.